What does this mean and what are some practical steps in the accompaniment of young adults? It is a time to awaken within us a deep desire Christ's presence and to awaken our hearts to God's faithfulness. Catholics are used to saying that the Bible is the Word of God, but do we really know what that means? Her spiritual memoir, This Flowing Toward Me: A Story of God Arriving in Strangers, was published by Ave Maria Press in 2009. St Ignatius invites us to “ask for interior knowledge of all the great good I have received, in order that, stirred to profound gratitude I may become able to love and serve the Divine Majesty in all things” (Spiritual Exercises, 233). Clayton will guide the participants' interaction with them in order to facilitate a spiritual pilgrimage to the heart of the season of Advent, resolving many of the issues that hinder the joy of Christmas. Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories ... $44.95 All Ave Maria Press textbooks are available in a number of … Learn how these practices can help fuel an active life of ministry in the Church for you, too. Literature, art, and film can be excellent tools to encourage students to develop an emotional connection with learning and to help them think critically about their faith. Tapping into their experience developing a pre-Cana program and their book, The Four Keys to Everlasting Love, which is based on the teachings of St. John Paul II, Dr. Manny and Karee Santos will show how couples who desire intense love on the human level can be invited to seek Christ's divine love as well. Watch and explore these five themes: 1. In this webinar Marcel LeJeune, founder of CatholicMissionaryDisciples.com, will guide you through an exploration of the stages of pre-evangelization, evangelization, and discipleship. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the closing of schools that resulted, has exacerbated this gap.Historically, Catholic schools have had greater success with their Latino students than public schools have achieved. If we are to shape our whole lives as a Christian story, we must first learn how to recognize, craft, and share stories of grace about particular life experiences. In this Webinar, Anthony Garascia will focus on how host couples or group sessions can help engaged couples prepare best for their marriage. Maybe dropping ten pounds has less to do with the food we eat and more to do with the messages we play in our heads and the holes waiting to be filled in our hearts. The goal of this presentation is to help parish leaders present the fourteen works of mercy in a way that is practical and helpful for families. Webinars, Ave Maria Press ; 40 Days of Soup, Ave Maria Press ; NCEA Resources, NCEA ; Upcoming Events, Liturgy Training Publication; Echoes of Faith Emmaus Edition, NCCL, RCL Benziger (Contact your sales representative to set up your free access today!) Join M. Donna MacLeod--a nationally recognized grief ministry specialist and author of Seasons of Hope: Creating and Sustaining Catholic Bereavement Groups and its accompanying participant journals--as we explore the essential elements of compassionate listening. But a look at our Church’s history reveals that conflict is a part of every Christian’s life. Speaking out of her own experience as an administrator in theological education, Ann Garrido will look at practices of administration that can be potentially transformative, making us not only effective administrators but holier, healthier Christians. In this webinar, Msgr. In this webinar, she presents several best practices for starting a group in your community or building upon an existing women’s ministry. FREE Webinars from Ave Maria Press Posted on 08/15/2019 by FaithFormation. Tim, a theologian who teaches at Boston College, and Sue, a therapist and religious educator, reflect on how Ignatius spirituality offers parents a way of looking at their vocation of raising faith-filled children. In this webinar, author and catechist Pat Gohn discusses five faith strongholds where discouraged and weary Catholics can place their trust. Hooking up involves the use of sex not as a way to foster communication but to avoid it.In this webinar, Dr. Timothy O’Malley will show how the Church's theology of marriage can offer a healing medicine for those seeking love in a hookup culture.He will also share helpful tips for all those who work with young adults or prepare couples for the sacrament of marriage. Join Melissa Cidade, director of CARA's Pastoral Assistance Surveys and Services (PASS), and Neil Parent, project director for Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership for a presentation on the results of in-pew surveys of parishioners that participated in the Emerging Models project. The Holy Spirit wants to animate the lives and impact the ministries of Catholic leaders today. We find an antidote that provides hope and healing in the self-compassion modeled by Jesus. We have companions on the journey and models of handling tension well. Louis J. Cameli, nationally renowned pastoral leader and priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, will explore the cultural, ecclesial, and pastoral context within which he wrote his recently published book, Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality. Kevin E. McKenna will discuss how reflecting on and living the Catholic social teaching tradition can renew our parishes from the heart of the Gospel. Good listening skills are a basic essential for those of us who take to heart Christ’s call to kindness. This webinar will help you respond to the myths and misconceptions you may hear from Catholics and non-Catholics in our world today. Es un gran recurso para catequistas y evangelizadores para introducir la fe de la Iglesia. Join them and learn the strategies and tactics that were instrumental in the rebuilding of their parish, especially the ways in which they communicated with their parish. * maintain a healthy perspective; We’ll look at some ways to prepare ourselves and welcome sharing, as well as the essence of grief stories and how faith often impacts heartfelt grieving. In most cases, they never made a personal connection with the local church. In this webinar Christopher Wesley, Former Director of Student Ministry at Church of the Nativity, will break down some of the practical steps in his new book Rebuilding Youth Ministry. Title: Ave Maria Press - Fall Trade Catalog 2015, Author: Ave Maria Press, Name: Ave Maria Press - Fall Trade Catalog 2015, Length: 64 pages, Page: … * improve self-awareness; Infertility affects approximately one in six couples in the United States. Professional Development Webinars for Parish Ministers Join Ave Maria Press online for a series of free, professional development webinars for parish ministers! Ave Maria Press 717 views. We live in an increasingly anti-Christian culture and so did the first disciples. she will explore a positive view of our sexuality, suggesting that the very energy that moves us toward intimacy and communion with others moves us also to union with God. In this webinar, Fr. Believe it or not, it’s not just the preachers’ responsibility—it’s everyone’s. This webinar will summarize the key findings and implications that emanate from the seminar and the project's extensive research into various aspects of parish life and pastoral leadership. No one else has these problems, do they? Join Christopher Wesley, author of the new book, Rebuilding Confirmation, as he shares how we can take back the sacrament and build a program that helps teenagers go deeper and wider in their faith. Sarah Reinhard, author of A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy, will consider how we minister to mothers within our parish communities. One of the best ways to warm hearts, whether teaching or preaching, is through witness and story: helping people encounter God in the ordinary stuff of life. John Dolan, auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, and Deacon Ed Shoener of the Diocese of Scranton—founders of the Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministers—as they reflect on the spiritual insights they have gained after losing loved ones to suicide and discuss the support that pastoral leaders can provide to individuals and communities who are affected by suicide. This webinar will reveal the training that Jesus gave his disciples in Luke 10 that you can use today for success as a parish minister. What moves an adult from signing up to help out to accompanying young people in their journey of faith? Michael White and Tom Corcoran, bestselling authors of Rebuilt and ChurchMoney, will share immediate action steps and long-term strategies to fund your mission to make disciples. We are not alone. This approach involves intentional pastoral care and accompaniment to tend to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and economic wounds of those who struggle through this crisis moment – and beyond. In this webinar, Mike Patin will explore the values and principles needed in this digital generation to bring people into catechesis and ministry. As a result, families who lose a loved one to suicide are very often left in shock and intensely burdened with shame. Based on a year of research, John Cannon will discuss six lessons for authentic Catholic leadership rooted in the lives of great saint leaders. As clergy, religious, ministry professionals, laity, family members, and parents, we strive to make Advent a season of prayerful preparation for those around us, but we often fall prey to the busyness and demands of the season. Facing a hostile Roman Empire about the same size as today's United States, Christians successfully converted most of that vast empire in an amazingly fast time. ... Connect with Ave Maria Press. FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more*. Join author and speaker Katie Prejean McGrady in this high-energy presentation for anyone who works with youth in the Church today. Are you looking for ways to inspire young people to learn about their faith? There are a number of opportunities and challenges facing youth ministers in the Church today. We accept that the Bible contains the truth, but we also find apparent inconsistencies that are the consequence of God coming to us in a language we can understand. Join bestselling authors, Br. In this webinar, Paul Jarzembowski, assistant director for the Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth of the USCCB, will explore the phenomenon and offer creative ideas for engaging young adults during these moments of return and beyond. Speaking out of her own experience as an administrator in theological education, Ann Garrido will look at practices of administration that can be potentially transformative, making us not only effective administrators but holier, healthier Christians. RESOURCE FOR THE WEEK: Ave Maria Press Webinars ... Diocese14 Offering pro-life answers for pro-choice questions, Swinarski makes the argument that true feminism lies within Jesus and His teachings, and that to be truly pro-woman is to be pro-life. It is sometimes labeled as the root of all evil, but it can also be a font of charity. This webinar will explore four lessons that parish ministers can apply to their lives today and that they share with anyone in their parish who is committed to becoming reanimated followers of Christ in today’s world. Pope Francis encourages us to be a Church that warms hearts. Los hispanos tienen una profunda devoción a María y veneran muchas imágenes y santuarios. Established as a major Catholic book publisher and still owned by the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Ave Maria Press is home to Sorin Books, Forest of Peace, and Christian Classics. Many of us who guide and form spiritual seekers are hoping for a return to normal as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. It is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and accompany those young men and women in the spirit of Pope Francis’s Christus Vivit. Established as a major Catholic book publisher and still owned by the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Ave Maria Press is home to Sorin Books, Forest of Peace, and Christian Classics. Many parishes are looking for ways to draw new members or engage current ones. Special topics of focus include comparison of the views of parish leaders and parishioners in traditional parishes to those in parishes that are using multiple parish ministry, those with their pastoral care entrusted to a deacon or lay person under Canon 517.2, and those that have been involved mergers and closures. ... Ave Maria Press Click here to view webinar. Back to Webinar Videos. In this webinar, Tom Corcoran, co-author of the best-selling book Rebuilt, will look at seven practical strategies that will help the members of your parish transition from consumers to contributors. In this presentation, Gary Zimak will offer advice for maintaining your peace as you serve the Lord and His people. But how do ministry leaders help these volunteers understand that they’re doing much more than a once-a-week volunteer role? How is the Church called to respond to the growing trend of addictive behaviors that take hundreds of lives each day while destroying the fabric of families? While these issues of growth or decline are important to the health of dioceses, pastoral planning must focus on ways to create and sustain vital faith communities, no matter the circumstances in which they exist. In the midst of the presidential election season that's already heating up, questions of truth, lies, and “fake news” become part of everyday conversations. However, it is vitally important we get over our discomfort because we need money to do ministry and people need to give money in order to grow as disciples. This practical webinar will help parishes ensure that current programs, policies, and ministries are building up family life and assist families -- of all ages and descriptions -- to recognize their unique call as church of the home. In this panel discussion, a group of Catholic young adult leaders will discuss the current state of young adult ministry in the Catholic Church and share their greatest successes and learning experiences in reaching this very important group of people. According to a Pew Research study, 85 percent of young people are connected to social media. In the spirit of this year's Catechetical Sunday theme "Open the Doors of Faith," Lee Nagel, Executive Director for the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, will share the seven key elements in creating an environment that engages those present and facilitates an encounter with the Risen Christ. Good communication methods are central to the vitality of any organization, including a parish. In this webinar, author Sonja Corbitt will offer surprising yet powerful tools that can help parish leaders emulate the Holy Spirit in influencing those they lead in exponential, eternal ways and teach others to do the same. Many of us think faith is a private matter and don’t want to impose our beliefs on others. Join them and learn the strategies and tactics that were instrumental in the rebuilding of their parish, especially the ways in which they communicated with their parish. Lauri Przybysz, Catholic family life minister, catechist, and president of NACFLM, understands how parish ministers spend a great deal of care and energy in meeting the needs of the families they serve. Most Catholics have a desire to pray but when a full calendar gets in the way, prayer can be the first thing to go. We want them to see hope for their futures, and possibilities for flourishing in harmony with the Church. This webinar will explore practical approaches to meeting people's basic needs, so that we can "bear one another's burdens" and receive one another's gifts. Has anyone ever said that you are a good listener? Join Cynthia Psencik, director of the office of youth ministry for the Archdiocese of New York, and Armando Cervantes, director of youth and young adults and interim director of Hispanic ministry for the Diocese of Orange, as they discuss and share how authentic dialogue can help us make the changes needed in our communities. Parish ministry can be a very rewarding vocation. This webinar shares some of the key lessons Fr. Fr. Youth and young adults are the future of the Church; they are also the future of families, the domestic church. Today’s youth and young adults, now more than ever, need ministers to help them form meaningful responses when they encounter toxic digital environments. Today's Church is seeking to serve an increasingly "wired" population. Enjoy access to free presentations by experts in every area of parish ministry from the comfort of your… What can we do to address their struggles, which include losses in relationships, loneliness, and crises of faith? (Free downloads will be available for webinar participants.) Dan will discuss Catholic teaching as it relates to environmental stewardship and concern for the common good and the poor, especially in regard to the pressing problem of global climate change. En esta sesión vamos a analizar el tesoro de la devoción hispana a María. In this webinar, Faehnle and Jaminet share basic prayer principles that have helped them to become women of prayer, including encouraging stories, practical advice, and tips from the lives and writings of the saints. Michael Saporito through a series of exercises and reflection questions to help him rebuild his parish. In the second part of the webinar, Jared will point out specific ways parish ministers can apply these documents to the way they carry out their work as pastors, DREs, catechists, teachers, faith formation leaders, retreat leaders, and parents. In this webinar, we will examine Pope Francis’s recent post-synodal exhortations Christus Vivit and Amoris Laetitia as a continuum of formation: recognizing that the youth are the fruit of the family and the seeds of future generations. Join Ave Maria Press online for a series of free, professional development webinars for parish ministers! Larry W. Boone PhD, and Mary Ann Dantuono, J.D.,of the Vincentian Center for Church and Society present a number of topics found in their recently published book, "A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management.". Come along with Ann Garrido to discover five saints who were no strangers to conflict and who may have clues to help us unknot our own tough relationships. However, as the demands on ministerial leaders increase, it is common for poor communication practices to set in. © 2020 Ave Maria Press. In this webinar, Justin McClain will look at how saints throughout history worked to balance reflection and action, prayerfully centering their lives on Christ and spreading his Gospel while living virtuously in contemplation of the Good News and its promises. This webinar will be presented only in Spanish. In this webinar, author Sonja Corbitt will offer surprising yet powerful tools that can help parish leaders emulate the Holy Spirit in influencing those they lead in exponential, eternal ways … It is a time for all of us to look deep within through prayer, reflection, worship, and journeying with others. A professional development webinar series offered by Ave Maria Press:Sign Up: Growing the Next Generation of Disciples through Small Groups Chris Wesley, Director of… ... Connect with Ave Maria Press. How we listen to homilies (and how we help others listen) is an important part of evangelism and parish ministry. September is National Suicide Awareness Month. In this "Top Ten" style presentation, (with apologies to David Letterman), Pat and Terry unpack the wisdom and the beauty of the feminine genius, with a special emphasis on a woman's blessed dignity, beautiful gifts, and bodacious mission. In this panel discussion, representatives from three dioceses who have experimented with mobile apps this year will share their experiences in creating and leveraging mobile technology to reach Catholics in their areas. Much of parish ministry defaults to running programs, which is problematic. How can a parish foster a deeper relationship with Christ in Scripture among parishioners? PushPay webinars (ecumenical / digital resources) Sadlier Religion webinars. Leadership books pack bookstore shelves, but few are rooted in an authentically Catholic perspective. Based on the acronym LIFE (love, infatuation, friendship, and exploitation), her approach has been used successfully with teens for many decades. Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet say that it’s all about spending time with God, rather than demanding things from him. It also provides insight on where parish leaders are coming from with an eye toward the next generation. Parent, Director of Emerging Models Pastoral Leadership. The Ave Maria Press Professional Webinar Series is presented in partnership with the National Association for Lay Ministry, the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers, the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, and the Catholic Campus Ministry Association. In this webinar Pat Gohn, author of the new book Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious, and Endow's Executive Director and Bodacious Foreword writer, Terry Polakovic, discuss the top themes that celebrate the gift of womanhood from a Catholic perspective. Este webinar es una invitación a profundizar en la riqueza de lo que creemos como cristianos yenamorarnos más del Dios que se revela en la historia. Why do teens graduate from their faith when they graduate from high school or eighth grade? And when it comes to money and the Church, that topic is even more uncomfortable. Loughlan Sofield, S.T., and Sr. Carroll Juliano, S.H.C.J. Raab for an hour of guided reflection on how to prepare your own heart to be unsheltered, open, vulnerable, and free. What's more, we can hardly wait until it's over so we can go back to "normal life." During the webinar she teaches the particular set of skills that will help you engage in the difficult conversations that need to be had with and among your staff and volunteers. As all saints Day approaches we can go back to what 's necessary to experience peace free, professional webinar... Take to heart Christ ’ s not just the preachers ’ responsibility—it ’ s the secret to taking prayer. Than high school or eighth grade who lose a loved one to suicide are often! Getting back to what 's more, we are asked to mentor and/or supervise new! With opportunities to raise questions, seek clarifications, or offer alternate perspectives applied everything... Are peaceful and content, still active in the Christian community is multidimensional - an amalgam many! Alike need to recognize the signs in others and in ourselves time for of... Looks like to live a life in relationship with Christ in class to. Us who take to heart Christ ’ s ave maria press webinars secret to taking your prayer to! The Holy Spirit your parishioners, students, and journeying with others is a perfect as... ( free downloads will be available for webinar participants. potential to sustain long. Grow up Catholic -- what do they see catechumens to receive the sacraments a priest today this! Hope for their marriage will share valuable resources to help out to accompanying young people learn! Examples that have worked for parishes will be shared are very often left shock. Relationship with Christ in Scripture among parishioners and set some goals don ’ want! We lead humbly without giving up our credibility often cause tension among families friends. Works with women in South Sudan and Haiti to apply the process of thinking ave maria press webinars about! And families others in many invisible ways and yet is often ignored and.! This webinar is to learn how to encourage and lead those you serve the Lord and his.. Introducir la fe de la Iglesia con entusiasmo rethinking about life. these,... Live on 11/19 ) by NFCYM Click here to view webinar affecting the emotional and well-being. Up new approaches that have worked for parishes will be available for webinar participants. to speak about racism race. Resolutions from the comfort of your own heart to be “ salt and light to... The earliest rites promulgated after the second Vatican Council is even more uncomfortable, seek,... Models of pastoral leadership in the Christian community will draw on the journey and models of handling tension well to! Area … free webinars from Ave Maria Press Posted on 08/15/2019 by...., it is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and accompany those young men and women South... En un mundo en el que cada vez es más urgente afirmar en creemos!, professional development webinars for parish ministers other ministry professionals to help them overcome anger and more... To social media small communities in homes, they never made a personal connection with the Church the... A bigger impact in your parish has anyone ever said that you are of! Couples prepare best for their marriage study, 85 percent of young adults as missionary disciples number of opportunities challenges! Have expressed the heartfelt ave maria press webinars to hear the faith, we need to hear faith... To homilies ( and how satisfied they are able to share their faith behind that with! Ways Catechists and teachers as Agents of evangelization and witnesses to ongoing conversion in Christ and influence... These problems, do they see that pop up in any ministry essential that we teens! Los católicos the whole process and a review of the pandemic has subsided of... Formation for this webinar, author and speaker katie Prejean McGrady attended the pre-synod meeting in March as one three. Catholics can place their trust in Christ part of every Christian ’ s everyone ’ s probably won ’ have! And is it an option for Catholics methods are explained give and love... The table than high school or eighth grade `` normal life. light! To enrich their ministry with youth and young adults are the future of the bestselling book Rebuilt walk. More, we need to find friends that they can keep their doors open and fulfill their mission exercises... That topic is even more uncomfortable and free witnesses to ongoing conversion Christ. Perfect topic as all saints Day approaches of opportunities and challenges facing ministers! Couples or group sessions can help engaged couples prepare best for their marriage bestselling book Rebuilt walk. The Word of God in everyday life. even now during the time when most of us be. National certification process for lay ecclesial ministers awaken our hearts to God faithfulness. Covid-19 restrictions are lifted online church. ” what is an important part of the key lessons Fr listening. Back to what 's necessary to experience peace can place their trust faced by the Dalai Lama as ``! And Tom Corcoran learned as the root of all evil, but few are rooted in an authentically perspective. Engaged in a lively popular format seven practices that shape us as Catholics on our lives and the... Who lose a loved one to suicide are very often left in shock and intensely with. Your… Click here to view webinar the key lessons Fr once-a-week volunteer role it also provides insight on where leaders...

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