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How do I transfer money from capitec without the app?

    In today’s digital world, mobile apps reign supreme for many tasks, including banking. But what if you’re not comfortable using apps or lack access to them? Fear not, Capitec Bank offers alternative ways to transfer money, ensuring everyone can participate in the convenience of digital banking.

    This guide explores two methods for transferring money without the Capitec app: Internet Banking and USSD (*120*3279#). Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or prefer tried-and-true methods, we’ve got you covered!

    Internet Banking:

    1. Log in: Open your web browser and visit Capitec’s website. Enter your credentials to access your online banking dashboard.
    2. Find the ‘Payments’ menu: Locate the “Payments” menu, typically on the dashboard.
    3. Initiate the transfer: Click “Send Cash” and then “Continue.”
    4. Choose your account and amount: Select the account you’re sending from and enter the desired amount.
    5. Create a secret code: This 4-digit code is crucial for the recipient to collect the cash. Remember to keep it confidential!
    6. Confirm and send: Review the details and click “Send the Cash.” Approve the transaction on your Capitec app (if available).
    7. Share details with the recipient: Once successful, share the reference number and secret code (separately for security) through a secure messaging platform.

    USSD (*120*3279#):

    1. Dial the code: Open your phone’s dialer and enter 1203279#. Agree to the terms and conditions by replying with “9.”
    2. Start the transfer: Reply with “1” to begin the cash-sending process.
    3. Choose account and amount: Select the sending account and enter the transfer amount.
    4. Create a secret code: Set up a 4-digit code for the recipient to use when collecting the cash.
    5. Finalize the transaction: Enter your Mobile Banking PIN to authenticate and complete the transfer.
    6. Share transaction details: You’ll receive a reference number. Share this securely with the recipient, along with the secret code in a separate message.

    Collecting the Cash:

    The recipient can collect the money at various locations like PEP, Shoprite, Checkers, or Capitec ATMs. They’ll need to:

    • Inform the teller about the cash transfer and provide the reference number and secret code.
    • Some retailers might ask for additional information like name and phone number.

    Important Notes:

    • Fees apply for sending money, depending on the amount and method used.
    • Sending and collecting limits apply, varying between USSD and app/internet banking options.
    • Always keep the secret code confidential and share it securely with the recipient.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily transfer money with Capitec, even without using the app. Now, go forth and enjoy the convenience of digital banking, your way!