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FASSET Bursary For South African Students 2024 |Contact Details & Eligibility

    In the quest for academic excellence and professional advancement, it is crucial that financial constraints do not impede a student’s aspirations. Recognizing this imperative, the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET) has undertaken a steadfast commitment to bolstering South African students through its well-established bursary program. This comprehensive guide aims to offer in-depth insights into the FASSET Bursary, delineating the eligibility criteria, the intricacies of the application process, and the transformative opportunities it affords to ambitious learners.

    Understanding FASSET

    FASSET, positioned as a key player in the education and training sector, envisions a future where accessible education empowers finance and accounting professionals. Its mission centers on facilitating skills development and forging pathways for individuals to flourish in the dynamic finance industry. Going beyond financial assistance, FASSET is dedicated to nurturing a skilled and diverse workforce, making substantial contributions to the growth and sustainability of the finance and accounting sector.

    Bursary TypePost-Matric, Undergraduate
    Funding/ ValueFully-Funded
    Countries EligibleIt is for South African Students
    Opening DateJuly (Each Year)
    Closing DateAugust (Each Year)

    Eligibility Criteria

    Prospective applicants are typically required to possess South African citizenship to be eligible for the FASSET Bursary, with the potential necessity of providing proof of citizenship during the application process. FASSET places a distinct emphasis on prioritizing individuals confronting genuine financial need. It is incumbent upon candidates to adeptly demonstrate the economic challenges their families face in meeting the financial demands of higher education.

    While financial need stands as a primary consideration, FASSET also evaluates academic merit during the selection process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to spotlight their academic achievements, underscoring a dedicated commitment to excellence in their studies.

    FASSET Bursaries predominantly target individuals pursuing fields germane to finance, accounting, and related disciplines within the expansive financial services sector. Eligibility extends to individuals who have received acceptance or are presently enrolled in pertinent programs at accredited institutions, ensuring a seamless alignment between the bursary and the candidate’s educational pursuits.

    Furthermore, FASSET takes into account how an applicant’s chosen field of study aligns with prevailing industry needs. This strategic consideration is integral to ensuring that the bursary plays a pivotal role in mitigating skills shortages within the dynamic realms of finance and accounting.

    Applicants should be cognizant of the potential requirement to adhere to specific conditions set by FASSET. These conditions may encompass maintaining a specified level of academic performance, active participation in mentorship programs, or adherence to program guidelines. The agreement to these conditions is an essential aspect of the application process, underscoring the commitment expected from successful candidates.

    Application Process

    Navigate to the official FASSET website to access comprehensive information about the bursary program. Explore the dedicated section outlining FASSET Bursary program details. Understand eligibility criteria, application requirements, and important deadlines. If necessary, create an online account on the FASSET platform, ensuring accurate information during the account creation process. Fill out the online application form with precision, providing details about personal information, academic background, and responses to specific questions.

    Submit required documentation, including academic transcripts, proof of acceptance or enrollment, and any specified materials. Before submission, thoroughly review the application for accuracy. Confirm that all necessary documents are uploaded. Submit the completed application through the online portal within the stipulated deadline, adhering to submission timelines. Monitor your email for confirmation messages. Some programs may offer a tracking system for application status checks. For any questions during the process, reach out to FASSET directly through provided contact channels.

    The FASSET Bursary is a gateway to educational empowerment and professional growth for South African students aspiring to excel in finance and accounting. By navigating the application process meticulously, applicants position themselves to seize the transformative opportunities offered by FASSET. Always refer to the official FASSET website for the latest information and updates, and leverage direct communication channels for any queries.\

    Contact Details

    Official Website:
    Phone Number: 087 821 2680 / +27 11 476 8570
    Switchboard: 087 562 8214
    Fax: +011 476 5756
    Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
    Postal Address: PO Box 6801 Cresta 2118, Gauteng