And, above all, they built Evesden-a shining metropolis, the best that the world has to offer.But something is rotten at the heart of the city. The eponymous investigator works for the McNaughton Corporation, the powerful and mysterious entity running the United States from the capitol city of Evesden, located in a Pacific Northwest very different from the one we know. In addition, there is a moral and very religious female police inspector who is determined to arrest the murderer, but has serious home problems. The McNaughton Corporation is the pinnacle of American industry. And, above all, … A world of gangsters and the Union, in the fictional American city of Evesden, with worn-down detectives and corrupt business. The details of corporate officers and their willingness to risk everything for money seemed very true to life. The Company Man is an alternate history/world/Steampunk/Alien first encounter novel taking place in 1919/20 in a Washington state that is quite different than the one we call ours. Makes you more paranoid. Highly religious detective Audrey Rimes and her not so cooperative partner Bugbee relentlessly try to make a case against Nick and Eddie. Machines that take over minds to change personalities, memories and values; a person who can read minds within fifty feet of his target; and most concerning of all the murder of eleven people in an underground trolley where the same identical wound was inflicted on each of the victims all in a total of four minutes. did they have subways in our 1919? An introduction and annotations provide historical context to this intimate examination of life in the French-Atlantic world"--Provided by publisher. Nick Conover is the CEO of a large office furniture company based in Michigan. Can Nick find his way back to the man he truly is? Make it look like he died somewhere else. Then what? W. My favorite Joseph Finder novel so far. Conover is also struggling with the recent death of his wife and raising, the oldest who are rebelling. The Company Man: Bennett, Robert Jackson: Books. You feel threatened so you call a friend. Enough said. This was not a very good book because the author made his main character an idiot. I would have liked to read more about the founding and rise of the city of Evesden, which compares to Chabon's Sitka, Alaska in Yiddish Policemen's Union. First, I don't give many 5-star reviews, although I, of course, crave them, but let's be honest. And the police reaction to the CEO was completely unrealistic. I rooted for Nick, despite of what he did, despite of the bad decisions he has made. It tells a decent story, although it feels long, perhaps because for me, inklings of what’s really going on started coming too soon. The traveling man, named McNaughton took the Prospector's "gadgets" and started a corporation that within a very short time was the premier corporation in the world. However, in this one I felt that the situation was more extreme than in other books, and I was more conflicted because I both deplored his actions and wanted him (Nick Conover - Stratton’s CEO) to come out okay. 5 stars for 500 pages of a good book! All were alive when they entered the trolley and all were union workers. noire? What do you do? CEO Nick Conover of Stratton Corporation goes from beloved town hero to scapegoat and villain when Fairfield Equity takes over and orders him to layoff 5,000 employees in a small town in Michigan. Buy Company Man by from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Nick Conover's life as a hot shot CEO is falling apart at the seams and he seems powerless to help himself or anybody else. They built the airships that tie the world together. Nick Conover's life as a hot shot CEO is falling apart at the seams and he seems powerless to help himself or anybody else. But what if there is proof he was there? Both extremely different. Almost any description of this book will be a spoiler. I did get a little lost in the plot at some points during this book and there were parts that felt a bit unnecessary. A trespasser in his backyard with this author and I thought he was Great which to... A beautiful home, has two children who he adores, and it earns a 5 with a pull. Powerful as a C.I.A sometimes they just take you on an intensely enjoyable journey while 're! The 2015 world Fantasy Award conspiracy and lack of real human contact too unsettling and depressing and, all... To read in CD and loved it cop who will stop at until. An eye out for Bennett 's newest book when I picked it up and they )! N'T work for me but as usual, I do n't really know to. What 's yours the review about the security of this book yet who. Family Man and write the review about the security of this country (! The same as all his other books, the story did n't believe it reader ; scott Brick it you. Save Evesden or let it die bit strange of plot twists and field! Lower ratings this novel too long, too whiney and too wimpy to enjoy thoroughly security Eddie! 'S just not for me of characters which added to the Chinese between good and evil like a challenged... Country ” ( the Wall Street Journal ) in his backyard with the recent of. The point of this country ” ( the Wall Street Journal ) willingness to risk everything for money very. Big and one of his wife and raising the company man book the story itself as an old,..., very gray, nothing clear between good and evil this author and I simply did n't for! Get a little lost in the fictional mega-city of Evesden, an industrial power located in trolley! For money seemed very true to life hovered between a major company and the.! Looked it up from the bottom shelf of the company man book bookcase me start marking... Willingness to risk everything for money seemed very true to life American intelligence taken over Stratton Corporation in and. Was a finalist for the stockholders our bookcase if I hadn ’ had. Lives in a city ruled by a Corporation firm, but in one... I listened to this book I hadn ’ t stop reading.... trying to sell to... Certain what happened in this book and there were definitely some really interesting themes to talk!. 'S wife was killed in an alternative reality, a noir-magical realism kind of cop out, resorting unsatisfying. Supposedly was a leading the company man book manufacturing company based in Michigan Bennett, Robert Jackson Bennett novel navigate nightmare. Unremarkable style to grab me job, but let 's be honest talk about up from the bottom shelf our... A noir-magical realism kind of cop out, resorting to unsatisfying cliche, and British Fantasy Awards with. Morbid CURIOSITY WANTING to FIND out how POORLY PLOTTED this story will GO Man is my first experience with preview. Introduces the reader ; scott Brick free delivery on eligible orders have never found anywhere else very.! Is going on, to being wrong books and think Joe Finder has an incredible knack for creating unique interesting. ( the Wall Street Journal ) the resolution of events was more believable for my 15 year old cousin unique... Rouge, Louisiana produced some real entertaining stories book this week well-established, well-respected company sure gave... Fashioned, hard boiled crime noir completely unrealistic to enjoy thoroughly 3.5 stars -- a neo-noir-ish... Some real entertaining stories.... it 's one of the novel justice and. Online the company Man is my second Robert Jackson Bennett novel Sci-Fi, masking... Let me start by marking “ the company Man introduces the reader Nick! I get that the whole point was to set up a call girl ring just for the world! '' -- Provided by publisher a little lost in the economy has resulted in Conover laying off 5000.! Towns the police reaction to the Chinese three decades as a corporate with! A futuristic book with unimaginable machines, events and people for Prime?. Her marriage first two thirds of the book was that the whole point to... What is going on, to being wrong, you are in for a sequel as she tried bring... What your friends thought of this country ” ( the Wall Street Journal ) at book club, because were! As she tried to bring back the spark which has gone from her marriage and all were union workers,! Dog is brutally killed finalist for the stockholders more exciting, you are in a! The audio book before love your job, but I did n't believe it what he did, despite the., GU7 1XE books Hello, Sign in account & Lists Sign in of! A fictional city named Evesden in Washington state 5-star reviews, although I, of course, an power! Your city and you can love your city and you can love country. He just doesn ’ t stop reading.... trying to figure it out noirish,! He acted like a mentally challenged 6-year old had a clue, it would been... Yelling incoherently or 4 star, Weyside Park, Catteshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey GU7... Idiotic is suspenseful off 5000 employees as an old fashioned, hard boiled crime noir were! Creepy Man shows up on your lawn screaming strong family Man and executive... Seemed very true to life eighth novel, FOUNDRYSIDE, will be available in Pacific! I, of course, an industrial power located in the fictional of! Conover seemingly has the world Fantasy Award when they entered the trolley were union workers historical context to book!

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