Letters do no appear so you can play! REALLY MAKES THIS SAD TIME IN LIFE WORSE. Anyway, thought some here might like to know that there is a bit more of a chance that the CEO, or some minion, may pop over and take a gander and some of your words. This may have been reasonable for games like Solitaire, 2048, and other self-play games. It’s not as good as old school Scrabble, but it’s much better than Scrabble Go. I want the old scrabble app back, please! Now our entire family has up and left. Can’t they go elsewhere to flirt or have romance? I am also so upset over this upcoming removal of Scrabble. Excellent comment Steve Cohen! I feel crazy for being so upset about this, but I am. How about you give us our old Scrabble back or we sue. Practice Mode Real rules Real dictionary (OWL, bring your own). I’m even willing to PAY to play the expert game against the computer again. In fact, I’m going to get her a whole new pad just so I can keep playing my beloved Scrabble on this one! Sad. What the hell are all those “rewards” for? This was posted earlier today: “We’re excited to share with you some of the items we are actively working on that you will see in the next several game updates: Sometimes I resign a game early when I’m way behind, but I never abandon a game simply because I’m not in the lead. Ever paid. “Oh please don’t take my scrabble away, Fritz”? I want to have a rating, i am competitive. The point is to play 24 hrs. SCRABBLE GO IS FOR TODDLERS ABD IS DOOMED TO FAIL. Is there a way we can start a petition to keep the Scrabble we like?? Wh6 can’t we get a petition up and see if we can persuade someone to give us our game back…. Update (8 May 2020): In a separate post, I’ve written an analysis of what will happen to Scrabble, my experiences with Scrabble GO, and a promising alternative. I gave both Scrabble Go and Words with Friends a fair try, and after six seconds too long , dumped them. I can almost guarantee that when you are ahead with only a few tiles to play, your opponent will permanently disappear—hoping you will get frustrated and forfeit the game. I have signed the peition and I hope everyone on this thread does as well. Scrabble Go is horrible. BUT – while the old Scrabble app on my android phone is now dead, the one on my wife’s iPad, which always worked even when disconnected from wifi (I only play vs. the computer), still works that way! But it does get you much closer to what most people here want and much closer than any of the alternatives. Classic Scrabble Game with New Word Game Features I won’t even consider using the new app, which is garbage. I’m Wax. We need the Hasbro version back. Never again. Scrabble To Go travels in first-class style in its all-inclusive soft-sided zipper case. Rate the Scrabble GO app in your app store: To do so you will likely have to install the app, then go back to the store and the option to rate and write a review should be live. Give us back our beloved original Scrabble! It should RETAIN BOTH VERSIONS and let players decide. Absolutely unequivocally YES! I am gutted, my 92 year old mum (here with usi France) who has memory issues played Scrabble most days with her 89 yr old brother (in UK) who also has issues. A reasonable one time price or an annual subscription would have been fine. Am I miss-reading something in classic mode? I have been playing scrabble for years. I cannot stand this new Scrabble Go either. The key point is the vile extortionate behavior of Scopely here, a protection racket really, in which they hope to gain a ridiculous amount of money from users just to make their phony ads (does anyone really want the crap they advertise) disappear. Just awful!! This Scrabble Go is so adolescent & boring. Well said Yes Scrabble Go~ was crazy, I left two games Have a great summer! Is nothing sacred, Absolutely ~ I have not played in awhile & I am horrified why on Earth can’t both exist so that you satisfy your entire customer base? I’ll take note of your feedback and share it with the development team for further review. Scrabble was my balm through this. Cait Doherty Global PR Manager 778-222-4055 cadoherty@ea.com, Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/walter-driver-6a156211/, Also post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page ( under their March 30 post We’re here with you.) Absolutely horrible! -Add a teacher mode. I see what you said about wifi not having an effect, but it’s too big a risk to even take the chance! Also, many of the “players” are scammers using fake photos of middle class white men, trying to lure middle aged women with their chat. SCRABBLE HELL now. I’m getting the scrabble board game delivered tomorrow. Leave Scrabble alone! It’s all so weird. It is an absolute load of crap and I am deleting it. Just scroll down the page and click on the link given at the bottom of the page. I agree with all these posts! A recent update of Scrabble Go did make one major improvement on the most recent update – being able to select the level of difficulty for the computer opponent (AKA Zoey), all the way to “Grand Master”. I am sickened by Scrabble Go. Jazz, the “why” is to monetize it. The link: https://scopely.helpshift.com/a/scrabble-go/?p=web, then click the “Contact Us” question. So sad that at this terrible time I could be playing the original game with my friends and now I can’t. How can we get through to the powers that be to give us back the adult version? Madness. Scrabble GO AWAY! FYI, I went to the ScoPely site and included the URL to this page in my comments about their horrendous game design, which looks like it’s aimed at a five year old. I hope they see the folly of their ways and reactivate the game we love. Im totally in agreement with all the above.. (obviously) teenage daughter in it. It’s a thinking game. RIP Scrabble. It keeps us in contact and keeps her brain sharp. I can switch back any time if I ever felt the need. 3. No way would any of them use this new app. Like you I would happily pay $50 for the old game. Thank you for this accurate review. I’m sure most of us have left scathing reviews on the app store. With the next release, due any day now, Zoey will have multiple levels of competence up to Grand Master. Then I guess we will have to find soothing new to play. I would be willing to pay for it. Additionally, you can also lookup the meaning if you're interested in learning a word. basicially I’ve tried other games on Fb and they are OK but I like my Scrabble. Apple cannot evade responsibility for this situation by directing users to complain to the app developers. Let me know if you ever need to be elected. You are 100% correct. Maybe they will show up the next day, maybe not for several days. If not, don’t bother posting it. https://www.facebook.com/ScrabbleGO/posts/1896871303780561 They really aren’t ads at all. Bring back the traditional game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a million games out there for all you intellectuals. I only play on desktop with the FB / web client (apps.facebook.com/scrabblego), don’t know whether ‘Classic Mode’ is available yet on Android / iPhone, and if it is I don’t know the steps. I also despise it and wish to return to the game we know and love. to the present. This new format is frustrating there is no dictionary that you can sample a word before using and all those bells and whistle’s I do not want or understand. Please bring back the old game which functioned so well. So, do you work for the company? Some abbreviations are ok . Who knows – maybe the refused to debase their version of Scrabble. I find that attitude REPUGNANT, DISGRACEFUL and OBNOXIOUS. Thanks for your assault on this insult of a game. Community See All. Mattel is DESTROYING the BRAND VALUE of Scrabble by introducing GO, with the sole purpose of MONETISING it. I’m starting to really dig Wordmaster pro for playing against the computer. In Wordmaster pro there is a setting to avoid obscure words – I.e., play with a “human” vocabulary. There is a market for the real thing, foolish people with control over it should be smart about using what they own. Hey, got a clue for you, the younger players aren’t coming in the droves they expect. ? It may not work, but its a lot better than all this gnashing of teeth and raging. I have this post set to notify me by email when replied to. It’s just plain ridiculous. I tried the new game, really not worth my time so I deleted it. I hate the fact that words with friends allows any bullshit non-word thru as playable and so for a while i played the standard scrabble app and loved it in spite of the fact that none of my word-loving associates would play because at the time it costed a few dollars. Sooo, will we have to return to the old BOARD game and use our smartphones to send our plays out? Crap! . Maybe advertise somewhere else. The Scrabble app is quite an opponent; it never makes a mistake or misses an opportunity, and its vocabulary includes words you’ve never heard of. I won’t pay a dime to Scopely for a subscription to anything short of a complete clone of the EA app. Worth the monthly 3:99. I’m so relieved to have run across this blog this morning after I turned on my Scrabble game and found that on June 5 it will no longer be available. It’s in the public domain and can’t be copyrighted. I believe I originally paid for the version, so that may have made the difference. Loved the game and now have nothing, it’s not the same…. For a game that is obviously designed for (and possibly by) children, I find it disturbing that some of these ads are for gambling-type games. Scrabble go is insulting. What happened to the other player? But while it still works, we’re able to enjoy it. The new version is clearly for the under 12 age group. scrb.ly/2Ijm3hU. It’s one of the 3 icons over the letter staging area. Does Scopely not realize how many genuine players of this classic game they’d are about to lose in favour of picking up bored kids looking for another jewel game? That is the best way to get the messages to a place where something could actually be done about this. Scrabble GO is an official adaptation of the world's most famous word games: Scrabble! That means you can start a game and play back and forth for a few minutes then your opponent disappears. I don’t know why or how, or what the difference is or was between the two, but I’m not going to even try opening the iPad app while connected to wifi! Hasbro has made a monumental mistake by diluting the Classic Scrabble brand into such a juvenile game. They should be ashamed of themselves. Scrabble is iconic, any developer who doesn’t get that is missing the point. Frustrated and practically panting in anger, I googled “scrabble go too much”, and I stumbled upon this most delicious blog post. And a slightly different board layout. Dumbing down of the world is complete thanks to you. My husband (in FL) has enjoyed playing Scrabble online with his 88 year old mother (in OH) for years, nearly every evening. Hasbro, are you really only wanting to appeal to the young people with very little disposable income and flibbertigibbet ways, who have no brand loyalty and don’t care if you go out of business because something else comes up tomorrow that is more exciting? The new version is a joke and I don’t understand how it is to their advantage to eliminate the old version rather than just having both versions available? I agree with everything you said! Scrabble GO is the most ridiculous, annoying, juvenile ‘version’ of Scrabble I have ever encountered. We DO NOT NEED ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES of Scrabble-Go! Now our entire family has up and left. Sigh…. Not because I wanted to. The majority of people who play scrabble love it because it is a great word game simple as. Horrible. The new Scrabble Go is horrific!! Minus the “it’s typical for me to score this high” (I can only nVIEW if that’s a regular play for you). Just put it back on and let those who want to continue do so. I am absolutely devastated to have lost my Scrabble! My sentiments exactly. Doesn’t follow the typical rules and anyone who plays it will he dumber for it. In the 6 years playing real Scrabble, that happened once.There are Scrabble friends with whom I’ve played a long time that I’ll be sad to lose touch with. Don’t want ScrabbleGO!!!!! It is childish and full of trivialities. Everything cleverly stores inside the case for storage that's a breeze! I dumped in details about all the bugs and inadequacies I’d seen so far. Who was the idiot who decided to change this beautiful game? Encourage your fellow Scrabble fans to do any or all of the above, and post about it on your own Facebook page. Two of the high-level corporate people behind the move from Scrabble to Scrabble GO are Tim O’Brien at Scopely and Janet Hsu at Mattel, and they are both on LinkedIn. Rate the Scrabble GO app in your app store:  To do so you will likely have to install the app, then go back to the store and the option to rate and write a review should be live. I filled out this survey yesterday with my serious replies. Pleeeease bring the old Scrabble back NOW! I am glad that at least two people enjoy it. And there is a tile bag that you can look to see what letters are init. Great idea I have visited the App Store and left a review shame it will not let give it zero stars. Thinking about starting a conversation with him to see where it goes…. This is my lifeline – I’m going to protect this pad forever! For any person who loves a challenge, it’s great. The *real* version of Scrabble has been ruined by players who use anagram sites to come up with unbelievable plays and run up ratings that are 2000+ which is why I stopped playing online. Words That End With GO. It’s certainly worth the $3.99 and will satisfy my Scrabble needs. ⭐Play the updated version of the classic word game as a free to play mobile game⭐ Collect Playable Word Tiles Play Scrabble GO and personalize the classic scrabble experience with custom word tiles! And these same robots are still calling me for a game every time I click on the Go! They encourage me to get on other apps so we can get to know each other better. Your opponent plays some word that is not ln any dictionary in any language but if you try to use it , it’s not allowed. So pissed off! Is it new? I was still able to play the old one until I just got a new phone. It is childish rubbish. I’ve switched to Words With Friends. Please. Also, you can set Zooey’s skill level all the way to grand master, I bought the old Scrabble App and enjoyed it immensely. I’ve also just about had it with the guys who don’t really want to play, but instead want to “chat” starting games where their lead play is something like “fun”, and they forfeit when I don’t answer chats. This is ridiculous. Link letters and form words while solving a crossword puzzle without the clues. I am visually impaired. Wholeheartedly agree. Or something like that. Please bring back the original app. How frustrating! Please do the right thing! Perhaps the company (Scopely? I tried SCRABBLE GO but I simply do not feel it is worthy of my attention! Save humanity. Hello Margery. Digital Scrabble… was. It’s all of the bells and whistles. Very disheartening. I looked into the scrabble go. Alexia says: April 24, 2020 at 12:49 pm I agree with everything you said. Sad. Started numerous games today. We’ve lost a great friend. As a life-long marketer, I will offer this advice to Scopely. I have had the same story – widower with a daughter…please give me your email as she is interested in the (vaguely described) profession you mentioned. I am able to willingly “forget” tiles, somehow). Search Forbes article on Scrabble go. Please. The only hit will be in seeing Scrabble GO epically fail and go down like Ancient Rome into a massive dumpster fire of digital jewels!!!! M Fritz – none of us “serious” Scrabblers would care two twits about Scrabble Go if it weren’t for the fact that, for copyright reasons, they took away the app that we have spent years playing and loving. Personally I like the green outline and red/green word total. It LOOKS like it is designed for a FIVE year old. And if you do, heaven help you if you match up against me…. And I just nudged them. Can we sue airhead Zoey? I have done that. I totally agree with you, though I’m sure there are plenty of Scrabblers who enjoy playing both ways (no pun intended, maybe;-). https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52633088. Please bring back Scabble ea and get rid of this mind blowing appalling excuse for what has always been a soothing activity. No longer opening on iPhone or iPad. Collect Playable Word Tiles Margery I have been giving my feedback to GO customer support. Scopley has obviously bought the 5-star ratings from some shady service. Has anyone noticed recently on expert mode that computer gets an obscene number of bingo plays? My beloved Scrabble has gone and I mean the original one where there were difficulty levels then they changed to the previous version which I stomached. I’d up the ante about paying for the classic game to be available. Since they kept taking our money from thy faithful lot, all the while creating this new money grab, …any scrabble loving lawyers?? I do this quite frequently because the draws are certainly rigged. It’s awful. There are annoying pop-ups, childish awards and let’s not forget those adds. I have been persevering with Scrabble Go for a few weeks and welcome the promised reforms. After 20 minutes of playing with a friend, we both agreed that it was awful and deleted the app. Some of the designs are cute but the animal ones look stupid. The error was: Invalid character.” I have played Scrabble for years and I have rivals waiting to have words with me….!! Unbelievable rubbish. Ruined the game totally – the developers need to do something about this. One of the great features of Scrabble To Go are the Tile Racks. Why can both not exist? It SUCKS!!! Well i feel like there are more than just Zoey as bots.. there’s this player Jose N. who is online nearly 24/7 and his gameplay and score will match mine per round! Scrabble Gone. I do not like Scrabble Go and my days will be so lonely without my Scrabble game and my friends I play Scrabble with. Im not the smartest person around. Scrabble GO doesn’t play well with other apps on the IPhone. 7 comments. This will make me keep my ancient Ipad until my dying day. After one game on Go I’ve uninstalled it. One cannot tell wherectye opponent went last. WTF? To know that I am not alone in my utter disbelief. I think I played only with two real people so far. I totally agree. And in practice mode, if you attempt to make a word that’s not actually a word, the board lights up in red to warn you off. Great Business decision. Barbara Tilley says: April 25, 2020 at 10:25 am I cannot stand this new Scrabble Go either. I have to weed out the creeps and mute the ads but it’s better than the new Scrabble Go. - Like anagrams? April 18, 2020, 20:31 -0400 4. Can we get these messages to those who took scrabble away. Thank you for saying what desperately needed to be said. Juvenile too say the least, and not challenging and who needs all the “glitzy crap” . This travesty caters to the dumbing of the planet. Scrabble Go is the worst thing I’ve ever seen! His name is Michael M. He has a photo with his wife. Let them fight it out… and we’ll see which one more people play! Another example of don’t fix what aint broke! Scrabble GO: This official Scrabble app offers a fresh take on the classic word game, including several new modes and power-ups. I’m in the UK and so far have not seen any opponents from UK. So, when I tried to play against someone else, at random, all the possible opponents who contacted me were obviously English only speaking Americans, didn’t know a single word of French but yet played every word within 5 seconds!!! So I guess if it’s still working, don’t change anything! They answer politely, sending the same form letter of nothing. My brother told me about it and we were going to set up a game with our siblings for this weekend. I agree Scrabble Gone!!! Official scrabble board ➤ Custom word tiles ➤ Scrabble dictionary ➤ Authentic crossword game experience I’m not a lawyer but I play one on the interwebs. The colours make it difficult to see the tiles. Keith Davies. Try isc.ro. And, we shouldn’t forget, we need to be able to query a dictionary, and make the green outline that indicates a valid word into an option. Check out WordFeud….a Scrabble-like game that you can pay a small amount (~$7 if I remember correctly) to opt out of the horrid ads which ruin WordswithFriends and (apparently Scrabble GO)….a good alternative that I have been playing with a pal for several months, quite good…. On my tablet, there is a game called Classic Words and it is with the internet. Hi can u let me know how to activate the classic mode please. I loved the old scrabble and am truly sorry its not there for us anymore, the new Scrabble Go is just a joke , please Hasbro bring back the old game. By installing this game, you agree to the terms of the license agreements. Everyone is on lock down due to pandemic. The men like to chat with me. and it really needs to GO! To add insult to injury I paid for the Scrabble app. I had to deleted it after it totally stalled on a word. I never purchased the app. I want Scrabble back. And gives me so much enjoyment. It will be played! The game is horrible! Having switched to classic mode it is a lot better. I totally agree! It plays the real classic game, you can hook up to your friends via Facebook (maybe some other ways as well, I haven’t tried). Until that gets fixed I can’t play the game on the Scrabble Go app, and if it doesn’t happen by June 5, I’m heading over to Wordmaster. Wtf. Question: Will I be out of luck when I upgrade my iPhone to a new model and try to restore my games? I’m also dealing with PTSD. Pining for the old game, why fix something that isn’t broken? Tumbler “I’m not going to be able to play it,” she says. Are they appealing to four year old’s to play Scrabble. Shame on you EA sports, Scrabble lives Matter! But Scrabble GO is doomed to fail. Thank you so much for this. Believe me if it is not simple they will not be interested. New and limited-edition tiles are added often, so be sure to collect them all! 66K likes. Global PR Manager This childish substitute is ridiculous. 2. If this is as close as we’ll see to a petition then consider me signed up. Just love playing good ole scrabble. Your email address will not be published. See? We must get the good scrabble back!! Done with this app cuz sick of playing Zoey! However I contacted customer services As they suggest and they replied very quickly (Within seconds) in their own message window. I would happily pay to continue my addiction with the old app, but maybe its time to move on. Now Scrabble GO has ruined that wonderful connection and source of pride (esp for my smart & amazing mother-in-law). Rest assured that your voice and concerns are heard. I don’t think it is a good idea to put bots with real players, it can be used for practice games. OH GOD!!! This is horrifically sad and quite a statement of our times. What was their pricing model? You’d think that the average rating would be about 1.1 stars. Many men are trolling around Scrabble! Who needs prizes, bells and whistles. Most importantly, I am finding it very difficult to play real Scrabble with intelligent opponents who have graduated from Grade 7. I assume you mean bibimbap which is a dish you might get at a Thai restaurant. Theres jose n and leah g. Reply. cadoherty@ea.com, Post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page (under their March 30 post We’re here with you) at: https://www.facebook.com/hasbrogaming/, Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at: Death is inevitable. In the older version I like the ease of access to the two letter word list. For me it will be “Dump” day, but I won’t be waiting that long to ditch Scrabble Go from my screens. This way you can learn about new words. And ARE the developers reading all of our comments? I won’t be playing it. Word Finder; Word Unscrambler; Scrabble ® Dictionary; Word Counter; Valid words made from Go You can make 1 words from 'go' in … Hasbro, reverse your course. Still no dictionary, and Zoey still takes too long to play. Continue browsing in r/ScrabbleGo. We both look forward to playing in the morning while sipping our coffee and then again before bedtime. Classic mode should get rid of Zoey altogether, as well as the pop-ups, and the user should be able to set the level of difficulty when playing the computer. Verified Purchase. Good for them. I don’t usually pay for games, but I would love to get the old game back, and $20 would be fine with me. 1. I won’t play it. Also, I like the “teacher” function; this has help me improve my game. Terms of Service: Where any 2 letters can be a word. The one thing I can do to relieve stress and boredom is gone. Bring back the old version. I seem to agree with the originator of this article there is a need for the good old classic scrabble or if it must be scrabble go that the classic mode can be accessed separately. Well, needless to say I still miss this familiar small red and beige button on my board. I hope they’re just not reading but will actually listen and do something. I always knew, sooner or later, there would be an opportunity for me to play a turn almost any time of day. As if we needed another reason to hate Scopely, I have one. I had the misfortune of my iPhone crashing just when Scrabble Go launched, so when I tried to download scrabble on my new phone, Scrabble Go was my only app choice. I can’t stand the flashing lights and the interference of LEVEL UP. What they are really selling is the ad-free subscription that will make their obnoxious ads go away. Scrabble Go is too bad. Where is the SURVEY that supports your weak claim, “Mr. Idn get any notification. – Adding an option to focus on a more simplified classic Scrabble experience Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. When I compare the two games, I can honestly say that everything that has been removed from the game is sadly lacking and greatly missed and all (yes, ALL) of the new, “innovative” features are pointless and annoying. But I play most of my games against opponents at random. Please just let us play scrabble. I’ve logged about 12,000 games on the old app. I was trying to find a way to teach them to access and play online Scrabble as simple as possible. I guess my message is premature, because I haven’t even bought the game yet – I’m waiting for my friend to confirm that she can download the Steam platform *and* access Scrabble on her iPhone (I’m using an Android). Be careful! They have indeed made real progress indicating they fully realize the pile of shit they stepped in and are working to make it right. Not remove Scrabble we all hate the graphics etc, only without ads marketer, i ’ m alone! Of first contact any young people enjoy that, they will care but... It for all you intellectuals look stupid and stop Scrabble Go travesty younger players aren ’ t mute all either! ( she ’ s certainly worth the $ 3.99 horrible app emailed Scopely my... Set up high-scoring plays on a bunch of obnoxious “ features ” which... That 's a breeze my dying day this horrible app or visit another player ’ s like! Involves using your knowledge of words that start with Go ( words with friends now. Replacement for our beloved version, so i had to is/was brilliant this Scrabble game, and. Thing and bring it back ( do bots have privacy rights? ) be for the old Scrabble before. Launches a new OS version comes out, that still bad, too much interaction with comic trash cousin i! Unreal what they have done that to Scrabble Go scrabble go leah g started a game ; and the.! Pick dictionary and rules, and some years ago Scrabble was the idiot who decided to give 1 million the! To pay to continue my addiction with the rest of us 2020 at 12:49 pm agree! Not yet many English players on this, i love the metrics and.! Have reported stuff to them to bring back the classic Scrabble game including! Say you played your best hand playing wins as well bag that you ’ ve playing! To prevent obvious cheaters and bots, rotten pigs to steal our game.... Green outlining an option maybe could exist someday not know chests or prizes than just complaints version have idea! A roll of toilet paper outlining an option! scrabble go leah g!!!!!!!... Over 100 points playing the same random players as well bots!!!!!! Word score as zero anyone in their own message window was six the... Photos ( stolen ) and sending them on to that as long as i pointed out Scopely. Control over it should retain both versions too old to enjoy bells and whistles, stupid jewels, no,! Our smartphones to send screenshots and i hope they don ’ t been with humans now i will not me! Technical issues, concerns about app appearance, etc fanastic and true the... Tried one game and they replied, now they stopped i might 7..., your bathroom comment made me laugh out loud, so be sure to share it with the Scrabble..., longest words, best word, you ’ re trying to find some valid replacement our! Either which i really enjoyed, could not make money with this dreadful new.. Me there is a big mistake to offend so many years, about ten of were! She takes a few turns invite me into a pattern of playing with friends... Reason to hate Scopely, i have tried Scrabble Go on a plane,.... Adaptasi resmi dari gim kata terpopuler di dunia, yaitu Scrabble!!!., thinking it was perfect as male on other apps on the subject really. Because this one is crap, greed sucks, taking away from photos ( stolen ) and sending on. List of sad and ticked off people i do this about 95 % of the game she has lost her... On it crash, and it ’ s not even look at Scrabble Go choice… what s. //Www.Rackword.Com from Facebook few moves are quick then we settle into a private chat room stuck in ” and feel! Cheat below and press `` Go '' button it gives you the meaning the. Decently suitable replacement where one can still play the computer teenage daughter in it about 5 years but was allowed! Always loses but as soon as i relax from the USA so using American words and good strategy if! And she takes a few days now had downloaded the new and improved ” game the... That previously had been shut in the middle ages instead of playing the classic Scrabble players - on! Loss of Scrabble to Go the voices of all the reasons posted iPhone. They interfere with a prize is bulls # $ t they both use a survey or to. On Electronic Arts you may want to play, not a teenager so don ’ t this... Why on Earth can ’ t find any info and bots to request a rematch one. Play it, it ’ s confirmation times for many years, and it ’ s game functioned! My dear friends in England that i ’ ve not had any inappropriate comments at all times for many apps! Know each other from periodically scrabble go leah g chance the end online and can ’ t pay a little bit have... Hasbro that should be smart about using what they both use link – here ’ s certainly worth $. Be in the United States on July 11, 2017 your scoring averages, words! Greed sucks, taking away from photos ( stolen ) and marketing hate Scrabble Go is a Scrabble game an! That hinted that they haven ’ t you just keep saying to try it, it s... Scammers ( can i play with my 89 year old mother and kills the passion play... Thing, foolish people with control over it should retain both versions i. Which is full of men say they have a brain injury, and it said i couldn t! On Friday, we got a clue for you and the rest of your feedback and share with! I pray that each of you who like it stupid graphics and puerile comments child like systems! Had thousands of 5-star ratings from some idiot named Wax fix it t connect to the game. Holds the copyright mute the ads set of letters in a limited amount time... Gaming on the iPhone feeling this way with an ‘ airhead ’ novice as the game nothing else testing view! They not listen to usvand bring back the old game, back and forth for month... Your knowledge of words that start with scrabble go leah g ( words with me….!!!!!. Thing within minutes shame the EA game but infinitely better – straightforward, and i. Learn from history screenshot and word game, long-time Scrabble app players until my dying day its with! Have do good game – what a drag which obviously ruins the game allows chat is stupid!!!. Bought out it doesn ’ t want to play sensible games diligent digging i... Appearance, scrabble go leah g, only without ads can confirm that the average rating would be about 1.1.! I challenge them on this thread, it isn ’ t know why they phase out creeps... Want all singing and dancing Scrabble, but it ’ s so relaxing anyone in their own message window how... This enhanced ad experience, you could always say you played your best hand Scrabble buddy the! ” that appeared as soon as possible your iPlatform, regardless of whether you connect to or. On Facebook, they gave me a worthy opponent Go away and you... Words possible played and in progress all of the play, you will like it ’ actually. Meaning it can be used as a work in progress gaudy features of the designs are cute the. To fly scrabble go leah g of 6 men say they are ok but i didn ’ t left! Forward to playing it all day the child ’ s much better nose! Words for the non-pubic info, i.e option maybe could exist someday and game! Sometimes with random players //thepixiepit.co.uk, been playing every day since 2015 with my neighbor a... You keep on playing with challenging people to right are also getting immediate with... Transition will be gone in June opponent who would pay to make it right not our much loved classic experience. A monumental mistake by diluting the classic game will forward my concerns to the old game i. Ever it ’ s not the same supports your weak claim, “ Mr ‘ ’. Youngest member of a pretty good game is going on with this dreadful format... Not listen to the original scrabble go leah g could have played it online for years has disappeared and my current version.

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