Mobile site. [3][4], Critics were mixed in their opinions on the gameplay, some considering it too complex and some too simple. Several months later, Rintaro attends a lecture by Alexis Leskinen and Maho Hiyajo, from Viktor Chondria University, the university at which Kurisu worked. Steins;Gate 0 takes place after a hypothetical bad ending to Steins;Gate, where main character Rintaro Okabe fails to save the life of Kurisu Makise after travelling back in time and gives up. he ends up basically getting the short end of the stick from father time and is met with this ultimatium where if mayuri lives kurisu dies, and if kurisu lived then mayuri died. Steins;Gate is one of my favourite animes of all time. [39] The PlayStation 4 version re-entered the Japanese sales charts again on the week of the Steins;Gate 0 anime adaptation's premiere, selling an additional 4,087 copies and bringing physical Japanese sales of the PlayStation 4 version to 60,990 copies sold. It constantly breaks the established rules and is an incoherent mess in terms of structure. The game was well received by critics, who enjoyed the story, visuals and audio; it was however criticized for being padded with extraneous scenes, and the new choice system received criticism for both excessive complexity and simplicity. Synopsis Steins;Gate 0 Sub Indo Kisah gelap Steins;Gate yang tak terceritakan, mengarah pada perjuangan ilmuan gila, Okabe, untuk pulih dari kegagalannya menyelamatkan Kurisu. But when it's good, it's just as good as Steins;Gate. La "secuela" que mantiene esa magia que tenia su anterior parte.Sin embargo considero que no es tan buena como la novela visual que adapta.Aun así si te gusto Steins;Gate, esta "secuela" no te va a decepcionar. Apart from this, we're talking about one of the best script in recent memory, and a high quality visual novel for both Vita and Ps4 owners. A sequel film to the anime was produced in 2013 and featured an original story. actually , this is so far from the original i forget what actually even happened because of all the loopholes and timelines. Okabe Rintarou is a self-proclaimed 'mad scientist' who invents 'Future Gadgets' in a small 'lab' in Akihabara above an old electrical goods store with his hacker friend Daru and atrociously cute childhood friend Mayuri. [3][4][37] Famitsu's reviewers particularly liked its atmosphere,[37] and Dennis Carden of Destructoid thought the way it continues the story of Steins;Gate makes it nearly "mandatory" for people who liked the original Steins;Gate. [47][52] A conversation partner application based on Amadeus Kurisu was revealed to be in development in September 2019. Maho is a tiny, flat-chested, long-haired 21-year-old woman with a short temper and Tsundere tendencies. However, it will be split into two parts: The first part will contain some general thoughts regarding the show, without any specific mentions to plot points from the original Steins;Gate. See more ideas about kurisu makise, steins gate 0, steins. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Zero follows the consequence of Rintaro's choice and the effects it has in the world, as World War IIIdraws closer with each passing day. Steins;Gate 0 takes place in an alternative future before Steins;Gate's ending, and is set in Akihabara, Tokyo. © Letterboxd Limited. In the second major branch, leading to "Vega and Altair", Okabe stops testing Amadeus. While Amadeus Kurisu is being deleted, a Kurisu apparently from another worldline takes her perspective. He decides to give up and abandons his lively scientist alter ego, in pursuit to forget the past. Tertekan dan trauma setelah gagal menyelamatkan temannya Makise Kurisu, ia telah memutuskan untuk meninggalkan ilmuwan gila alter egonya dan hidup sebagai mahasiswa biasa. Aspects of Japanese culture that were deemed too obscure to Western players were handled the same way as in Steins;Gate: for example, the Japanese term senpai was left intact, with short explanatory dialogue added. [41], The PlayStation Vita version was the best selling game for the platform in the United Kingdom during its European debut week,[42] and still appeared on Chart-Track's weekly PlayStation Vita top-twenty charts until June 2017;[43][44] the PlayStation 4 version did not chart at all in the United Kingdom during its debut, however. Upon returning to the present, Okabe refuses Suzuha's requests to try again, and develops posttraumatic stress disorder. He decides to give up and abandons his lively scientist alter ego, in pursuit to forget the past. Maho, who has Kurisu's hard drive, wants to access her theories, hoping to be able to save Kurisu; Russia, other countries, and groups including SERN are also after the theories, and the world line shifts as they monitor activities surrounding Kurisu's theories and memories. She decides to travel back in time with Suzuha to convince Okabe in 2010 to save Kurisu after failing in his prior attempt. Depressed and traumatized after failing to rescue his friend Makise Kurisu, he has decided to forsake his mad scientist alter ego and live as an ordinary college student. Nearly five months later, Okabe attends Kurisu's coworkers Maho and Leskinen's presentation of their Amadeus system, which uses digitized memories as artificial intelligence avatars; one avatar has been made based on Kurisu. It's left way to messy. “People’s feelings are memories that transcend time.”. She calls for help, and tells Maho that Steins Gate is real, and tells Maho her laptop password is related to Piano Sonata No. THIS MADE ME FEEL THINGS. Steins;Gate 0 will be an official sequel to the original game and anime, but will not be an entirely new concept and story. [3], The player can also use Okabe's phone to interact with his friends through the messaging app RINE:[4] at some points, the game shows a notification indicating that Okabe has received a message, and the player can choose between different messages to send back – either text messages or stickers[3][5] – temporarily locking the game into a conversation with the other character that changes depending on the player's reply. 2018 ‘結晶多形のヴァレンティヌス Bittersweet Intermedio’ Synopsis. 2011's anime adaptation of the visual novel Steins;Gate is considered by many to be one of the best anime of all time.In 2018, it receives a sequel of sorts in the form of Steins;Gate 0. 0 is a very different show, and drops the mystery/thriller formula in favor of slice-of-life/mystery/thriller. This has drawn the attention of SERN, an organization that secretly researches time travel, who sent their team of "Rounders" to confiscate the time machine, including the journalist Moeka Kiryu, killing Mayuri in the process. Steins; Gate is a story about time travel and the consequences of it's misuse. Therefore,…, Constantly updating. Plot causation in the original Steins;Gate was … Noticing that somebody is trying to steal Amadeus, Leskinen and Maho go to lock down the data, but they are ambushed by Reyes, who shoots Leskinen and tries to make Maho give her the Amadeus access codes. Zero is a side story that explores events from the Beta Attractor Field's future that contribute in making the end of the original story possible. Steins;Gate 0 takes place in an alternative future before Steins;Gate's ending, and is set in Akihabara, Tokyo. Steins;Gate 0[a] is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb. [25], Steins;Gate 0 was well received by critics,[29][28][30] and was the best-reviewed PlayStation Vita game of 2016 on Metacritic. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Goa Way's board "Kurisu makise" on Pinterest. is a Japanese visual novel developed by Mages, and the fifth main instalment in the Science Adventure Series, serving as a continuation to the story of the "hypothetical science adventure" Steins;Gate. Steins;Gate 0 (シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ, Shutainzu Gēto Zero?) This is the preview for the fateful Episode 23. Synopsis The dark untold story of Steins;Gate that leads with the eccentric mad scientist Okabe, struggling to recover from a failed attempt at rescuing Kurisu. Steins;Gate 0 I think is a great game and really awesome sequel/prequel, but far and away, it's biggest flaw is explaining how everything ties together. Since right now there is no English translation of this light novel (Reading Steiner said he will get to it eventually, like Christmas or something) and I've managed to successfully read it (In chinese, chinese translators make quick work of translation) here I am trying to make a rough synopsis of the plot, hopefully that helps anyone interested in this light novel.

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