Hangar; Exo Tops; About. However, glass tanks are popular with beginners because of their price and availability. The major disadvantages are Guaranteed ways to save money, have fun and make fantastic snake and other reptile cages with 10 simple steps that make it so easy anyone can learn how to build cages for snakes and other reptiles. These will need to be added to each layer of the enclosure. We are going to use 5mm thick Perspex for the sliding doors of our enclosure. Building a custom indoor enclosure is the best option to house tortoises inside. Gather Your Materials You will need the following to build an enclosure that measures 3 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 8 feet long: Three sheets of white, half-inch-thick, double-sided melamine, measuring 49 inches by 97 inches One sheet of white, three-fourth-inch thick double-sided melamine, measuring 49 inches by 97 inches 1 Sheet that is 900mm X 470mm X 10mm – This will be used for the back. Eden is a small family owned and operated business based out of Mid-Michigan. This unit will be approximately 6ft X 3ft X 2ft and will consist of 3 enclosures. There does not at this stage seem to be any identifiable For reptile cages, covering the inside of the cage with Contact will also prevent this from occurring. Bioactive enclosures are made up of live plants and invertebrates that act as a self-cleaning waste disposal system. Pre-assembled - Just slip out of the box and its ready to decorate ; Stunning design – Looks great in your home or office; PVC construction – The preferred choice for reptile enclosures. Simply run a line of silicone adhesive along the back of the runners and press them into place. 1 Sheets of wood that are 900mm X 470mm X 10mm – This will be used for the back of the enclosure. Hard Maple wood and Cherry wood are available for an extra charge. incredibly well. Each material has it’s own pros and cons that you need to consider. They also provide a more complete view of your reptile. I'm sharing how I made my DIY reptile enclosure - this method saved me hundreds of dollars! So, when you’re ready to build your scaly friend a new home, take a look through our list of the 9 best DIY plans for reptiles of every species. easily cleaned as well. This will serve as a much better enclosure compared to one that is made using glass. Even our most basic enclosures have a touch of class to them. If you are using glass, I would recommend using a top runner that is twice the height of the bottom one. to raise the humidity! Glass Reptile Enclosures Glass herp tanks are a time-proven standard. 1 Sheets of wood that is 1,830mm X 940mm X 20mm – This will be used for the back of the enclosure. cannot climb. Wood [plywood] cages: Same as for melamine, except MUCH They are I would recommend using glass if you are housing a lizard that may claw and scratch the Perspex. Contact comes in a range of colors and is very easy to apply cut All that remains from here is to add a heat source. Frustrated with current, commercially available reptile cages, our new brand Maximum Reptile™ offers much more than the minimum size required for reptiles. a new animal to an established collection. There does not at this stage seem to be any identifiable health issues caused by these materials. Once we add the second door, our DIY wooden reptile enclosure is complete. Articles; YouTube; Accessory Info; Email Us & FAQ; Cart; Scroll down to content. In this guide, we are going to look at a number of different DIY wooden reptile enclosure setups. You can make an enclosure out of PVC, acrylic, glass, melamine, and wood. We would suggest that you read the entire section before you begin your project so that you are familiar with what tools and raw materials you will need for the project. Some people may prefer large reptile cages made from acrylic. 2 Glass runners that are 880mm long and about 10mm high – These are the tracks that the doors will slide along. In fact, these are used in PVC Tubing & Mesh or Plexiglas: These materials make You can use a heat mat or connect a light fixture to the roof of the enclosure. Just follow the instructions and it comes out perfect. Discover how you can make the perfect reptile or snake enclosure for a fraction of the cost of custom snake cages. 18″ & Under; 19″ – 24″ 25″ – 36″ 37″ – 48″ 48″ & Over; Multi-Unit. Be sure to seal it with Silicon and seal the Frequently asked questions on ordering a reptile cage plan, how to order, ways to purchase, who can build a diy or custom cage and how you can make the perfect reptile or snake enclosure for a fraction of the cost of custom snake cages. door. Melamine comes in a variety of forms. It’s easy to work with, and makes a reasonably nice looking cage. These are among the many questions it is important to ask yourself, before embarking on your journey to create a reptile cage. If we are using M6 screws you should drill M3 holes prior to screwing in the panels as this will help prevent the wood from splitting. ram into it. They're Melamine is a good cage building material, it holds up well over time, and is easy to clean. All Majestic large Reptile Cages, hoods and stands come standard in solid Oak wood material with one of the four stain colors shown left, or Hard Maple Wood finished with Black or White paint. light-bodied snakes, and young water dragons. This will ensure that all sheets are cut to the correct length and all cuts are straight. The next step is to add the doors. We combine state-of-the-art technology and our passion for reptiles to create the perfect environment for your reptile. 5-7 days would The total internal length of our cage will be 880mm as we will lose 20mm when the sides of the Viv are screwed to the base (each side panel is 10mm thick). You can get the standard 4' x 8' sheet, as well as pre cut pieces in 12", 18", and 24" inch widths, both 4 … This Tortoises do best in an outdoor pen, but it isn't always possible. Screen cages/Reptariums: Excellent for anoles, chameleons, light … To add the back, we will turn the enclosure on its front and screw the back panels in place. Don’t worry should youn’t have a spare room (I never have), because it is … It also is recommended that you do not use pine or cedar as a substrate. excellent larger cages for animals such as monitors, larger snakes, chameleons This is a step-by-step guide to help you create a bioactive enclosure. 2 Sheet that is 1,830mm X 600mm X 20mm – These will be used for the two sides. Before you can actually build the enclosure, you'll need to measure its components. move them. Most enclosures discussed here are familiar to the majority of hobbyists. Reptile.Guide is not a veterinary website, nor should any of the reptile health information on our site replace the advice of a certified veterinary professional. We will start with one side of the enclosure and add the top and bottom. There are hints and tips on applying Silicone in the "How to Build Reptile The ideal size of the enclosure depends on the featured species. If you are building a background for an enclosure without these thick substrate layers, the initial silicone layer can continue from top-to-bottom. To learn more about bare enclosures, click here! All-glass, tubs, melamine cages, screen cages, there are many different types If you screw the top and bottom panels into the sides of the side panel it will mess up all of our dimensions. As can be seen in the image below, I used four sheets of wood to make the back panel as I couldn’t get a sheet 1,830mm X 940mm X 20mm. Viewing is unrestricted, the tank can be easily cleaned, As the height of our enclosure is 450mm, the height of our Perspex will be 445mm as we need to leave room for the runners. holes where temperature probes are passed through. Regards and best to all our Green Iguana friends, Lance and Joey Portwood Glidden, Texas ". 2 Sheets that are 450mm X 450mm X 10mm – These sheets will be used for the top and bottom. generally limited to hatchling animals. The shelves will be added on top of the base as seen in the image below. this video goes over how i built and set up this awesome enclosure. We do our best to walk you through the process of choosing the best setup possible for your scaly friends! This cage will be approximately 1.5ft X 3ft X 1.5ft. This is a great idea for an easily-transported cage for small animals. LARGE ENCLOSURES - provide room for your reptiles to run, jump and climb. ". The Bio Dude® Exclusive Enclosure by Kages™ are made from only the best materials. You can also coat the MDF or plywood interiors The next step is to add the doors. In most cases, glass is the best option for a vivarium enclosure. Bag of screws, a Drill and Silicone Adhesive to attach the runners. Tanks should not be considered for chameleons; cages are better. Sign up now and I'll send you a bonus FREE gift of "15 Top Snake Keeping Tips" The raw materials we will require for this DIY wooden reptile enclosure build will be: 2 Sheets of wood that are 900mm X 450mm X 10mm – These will be used for the top, bottom of the enclosure. All rights reserved. The runners are the tracks we will use to hold the sliding doors in place and allow lateral movement so that the doors can be opened and closed with ease. Click here for the details! Using this technique, you first place the door into the top runner and allow it to fall into the bottom one. a sand boa or leopard gecko or any desert animal in it. Where we love to build the best and most unique Custom Reptile Enclosures. and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Our build plans will help you build an enclosure that can be customized to practically any size suitable to house almost any species of reptile or amphibian. cages (except aquatic species) as it loses heat rapidly. All reptile cages come standard in oak wood material with one of the four stain colors shown below. Sign up retains its rigidity. If you’re the crafty type, you’ll be interested to know that there are plenty of options for DIY reptile enclosures that you can build today! Over more than 14 years we have now built tens of thousands of cages and racks for all kinds of Reptile and Amphibian keepers all around the World. today for our fortnightly FREE "Keeping Reptiles" Newsletter. Plastic/Rubbermaid tubs: The feeding trough sizes are great The sides will be added on top of the base as seen in the image below. Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10. Melamine comes in a variety of forms. Much more than your usual reptile cages, we incorporate many standard features into our designs in … the stand will need solid castors. Once we add the second door, our DIY wooden reptile enclosure is complete. a water proof seal for the MDF or plywood. penetration into the timbers. NON-REFLECTIVE SURFACES - reduce anxiety. They do tend to lose a bit of heat but any large enclosure will We can now see why the back panel needs to be 470mm high, the side panels are 450mm in height and the base and roof are each 10mm thick. The next step is to add the runners. These setups will be suitable for a wide range of reptiles from arboreal species such as the Amazon Tree Boa to terrestrial species such as the Ball Python. Both enclosures, if ordered from a custom Some people recommend wearing a mask when cutting or the need to paint the cage inside, reducing fumes, and also provide Mark Chapple is the Author of"How be even better. tank can be treated as a tropical garden; put soil in it and plant some plants You can also use thinner sheets as it However Goliath is far from normal. You could also use glass for this. cheaper and easier to work with. I would recommend giving the silicone 12-24 hours to cure before adding the doors. 6 Perspex sheets that are 310mm X 575mm X 5mm – These will be used for the doors of the enclosure. It is a good idea to make the base of a wooden reptile cage from melamine and use Silicon to seal around the edges, to prevent moisture penetrating the melamine or plywood sheeting. It is good "Overall, the best thing I have found from the cage designs... is that: 2 Perspex sheets that are 450mm X 445mm X 5mm – These will be used for the doors of the enclosure. Majestic Enclosures™ Colors: All reptile cages come standard in oak wood material with one of the four stain colors shown below. The top and bottom will be added on top of the side panel as seen in the image below. Screen cages/Reptariums: Excellent for anoles, chameleons, Overall, if you want to construct your own cages for most reptiles, you are As the top runner is bigger than the bottom one, the door will be held in place. You could also use glass for this. Assembly. To add the back, we will turn the enclosure on its front and screw the back panel in place. This can be done using the same technique used in the Horizontal Wooden Reptile Enclosure build above. is the best sort of cage for your pet. enclosure? As fellow keepers, we understand how important your animals are in your life. It’s really up to you. Custom stain colors are also available for an extra charge. you can also alter the cage to each and everyone's specifications, or needs. MATERIAL LIST (APPROXIMATE PRICES, in Canadian Dollars), also keep in mind I built TWO enclosures so this is the list of materials I used to do both. Then, assemble the cage and construct a door in a spot that makes it easy for you to reach all the areas of the cage. They resist moisture well, so rotting is usually not a problem. They work!!!! am ... very happy with your plans, the organization that you have put into it and I am extremely happy with the response I have gotten from you when I have encountered a problem. potential health problems for the animals. Now that the shelves are added we can begin to add the second side of the enclosure. Next, you figure out which materials you want to use to build.

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