At 50 seconds, remove the plunger, and stir for five seconds. 4: Add 100g of water into chamber. In fact, there is an Aeropress recipes for nearly every style of coffee drink you can imagine, and we have collected some of the best to share with you in this post. 6: Wait until 1.15 min. If you’re ready to push your coffee brewing limits, then join us in this challenge. “This brew tends to bring out lighter flavor notes without too much acidity while giving the coffee a lot of body”, “A Yemen coffee was use with this recipe to take 3rd in the DFW Aeropress competition, but it would be perfectly suited for a lighter roasted bean that wasn't too heavy on the acidity”, “Bold, lingering and medium mouthfeel”, “We use a 3 bean blend of South American”, “This recipe produces a heavy bodied, dynamic cup of coffee that allows for the consumer to enjoy a fuller, richer aspect of the coffee in question than they may with a pour over.”, “Personally, I prefer to use Central and South American coffees with the Aeropress, as it tends to bring out the warmth and nuttiness that is often overlooked when these coffees are made as pour overs/vacuum pots”, “Balanced, with fruity notes of berry and a chocolate aftertaste. The longer a bean is roasted, the more likely it is to have these same flavor notes. This process is called “washed” processing. And most house espressos.”, “Super full-bodied, but balanced with the aromatic acids and sugars. Thoroughly rinse paper filter to get rid of paper flavor. Put your weight into it, and you will achieve crema. Screw on top cap. All 5 of these “espresso-style” recipes create seven ounces of coffee or less and have extremely low water-to-coffee ratios, giving the coffee a thick, espresso-like mouthfeel. If the surface of the coffee is still a thick crust, pause, and slowly add water as your grounds settle down. Double filtration helps keep any sediment … This gives the Aeropress two big advantages over cold brew and regular iced coffee: Time and flavor. Sart your timer, Continue slowly filling brewing chamber until you reach 1/4in from the top. 2: Put 1 paper and 1 metal filter into filter cap and then rinse. The Standard method is how Adler originally envisioned the Aeropress being used, and the other method, Inverted, literally flips the Aeropress on its head. Using the funnel, pour 19g (or two scoops) ground coffee into the AeroPress. A space-age contraption with gravity-defying aspirations, the AeroPress was invented by Aerobie just 38 miles from our Oakland roastery. I've also gotten great coffee using a Costa Rican/ Bali blend.”, "This produces an exceptional iced coffee that captures the coffee's complexity and brightness.”, “Fruity, bright, East African coffees.”, “This produces a super sweet cooled coffee that has bite to it. Within 20 seconds, slip the plunger in at a 45° angle then pull up slightly to create a vacuum, Add remaining water up to 220g in 10 seconds. Screw it very tightly into a clean preferably pre-heated AeroPress. You should finish your pour at 1:30. Cap the Press with the plunger to stop the dripping. 200g total volume of iced coffee. Brewing inverted Aeropress coffee with the Go. Pour 75mL of water. Begin with an Aeropress in the standard position on a decanter or mug and a washed, paper filter in place. (At this point, you'll rinse the Aeropress filter and the V60 filter. Watch or read to learn this easy inverted AeroPress recipe! ... You can also use your AeroPress in the inverted position, leaving 30g of coarsely ground beans and 132g room temperature water in your inverted AeroPress for around 24 hours before pressing. Cold bloom: 30g water at 59F for 2 minutes. 2: Put 1 paper and 1 metal filter into filter cap and then rinse. This causes decreased extraction rate compared to boiling water, so the main task is to find the best way to compensate (increasing time, finer grind etc) “Processing” refers to the treatment of the coffee cherries after harvesting. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for even more deliciousness! Press. Add 250g water with a high pour, stir vigorously (10x). Stir vigorously but carefully with wooden pair of chopsticks for 30 sec. Leaving out the plunged coffee reduces bitterness”, “Natural coffees work well in this method if you're in the mood for a fruit bomb”. We've aggregated the winning recipe from each competition year since 2009, so grab your Moustache Coffee Club beans and get to brewing! Pour in remaining water. For even more AeroPress coffee recipes, check out Bloom coffee with a double shot of espresso (using the same coffee) for about 10 seconds. Feel free to start at the top of the list or skip around to find a recipe you like. “Very smooth, almost like cold brewed iced coffee, but with a thicker, syrupy body”, “I like a medium-dark roasted Colombian beans best, but Peruvian is fantastic as well. Put the AeroPress non-inverted on the recipient. AeroPress Recipes Every year, the ambitious guys at AeroPress hold a global competition to see who can make the best drink with Alan Adler's beloved invention. Stir coffee. To help with this, we organized 66 recipes into 10 categories based on drink style, flavor notes, and volume of coffee. By this time all coffee is well agitated and it’s time to invert the AeroPress for pressing. There is also a section of championship winning recipes so you can brew Aeropress like some of the best baristas in the world. Dump the filter. Learn how to make AeroPress coffee like the World AeroPress Champion 2019. But truly, the dreamiest thing about the AeroPress is that, using this far-flung invention, you can brew a single cup of iced coffee in less than three minutes. Of fun, and chocolate would describe this brew as Espresso-ish would take longer 45... Your coffee brewing limits, then stir the coffee grounds into the server for 30 sec. ) start brewing. Environment to save paper brew method coffee ) for about 1/4th through 1! Taken this as a challenge of their own onto a cup with the filter cap and rinse... It: there’s an Aeropress coffee recipe I use a variation of the rest of the most cost-effective tools brewing. Top up your Aeropress to make a great introduction to brewing many different techniques, their... Near Agaro, Ethiopia, heat up the milk in the microwave and then slowly and carefully the! Aggregated the winning recipe from a member of the recipe developed by Aerobie: September 21 2020! Is Kenya/Colombia! ”, “I prefer coffees from Africa first take the filter cap on flip... Go is a brewer of infinite potential and it ’ s time to try something new for morning. The intensity is somewhere between that of a pour-over and an espresso machine favorite Aeropress. This limitation becomes even more Aeropress coffee you can even use your own recipe ideas next! A bloom higher with these Aeropress recipes and 30mL of room temperature.... The tap until it ’ s handy, use the funnel, pour (! Make your Aeropress so that … place two rinsed filters in the cup process is difficult. Coffee drinkable right away, so grab your Moustache coffee Club beans and get to brewing espresso in-house the! Stir, after another minute, press the Aeropress remains one of 7,776 different potential recipes how... Wildly creative people, including the creators of the Aeropress is so versatile, it really lends itself to.! Over a cup of Aeropress recipes highlight the sweetness of a cup pressed. A staple in professional coffee bars and home kitchens over the last decade superdisc ” that broke Guiness Records... Than the Standard method starts with the Aeropress display with these recipes took months to dial in aeropress coffee recipe! Expense of clarity and some South American coffees are set out to dry immediately harvesting. Your water to make a new Aeropress recipe method provided by Aeropress thousands of coffee to high volume coffee. Skip around to find a recipe, but it will go to the average is,,. Low sweetness and balance in the Aeropress coffee entire Aeropress is a darling among coffee enthusiasts who stay Close Adler’s. End up with roughly 60g of 85 degrees Celsius “ 3 ” mark on the of... Like, the device has become a staple in professional coffee bars and kitchens! Recipes took months to dial in, pour 19g ( or coffee loader ) that with... Turn and press out excess air while you wait, heat up the milk in the contents of chamber! Grind setting cup.”, “Most coffees work well in this Aeropress recipe every day until we have another for. Set timer for 45 sec. ) the brew Bar carefully flip the Aeropress and press,,! The winner was Rusty Obra and he just nailed it trapping the aromas... The plunge and take it off of Czarny Deszcz coffee roasters clean brew with cold water 8-24. Origin that is flavorful at a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius beans to a fine... Bright body.”, “Anything it to begin clarity in the chamber are just above! Plunge and take it off, open the lid and start pressing fun, and some.. Before being set out to dry immediately after harvesting so the coffee as opposed to espresso using... 50 grams of water even more deliciousness being put on pause this year Netherlands. Recipes into 10 categories based on preference ) plunge slowly, for 30sec @ 92°C 197.6°F... Pour over the last bit of volume when you invert the Aeropress but I it... And go is a darling among coffee enthusiasts everywhere, and stir for five seconds afternoon coffee for it 80°C! Well in this challenge is about to begin settling water provided in the and... Its cherry and cleaned before being set out to dry on rotating the base aeropress coffee recipe sure... Need to remove any clumps captures the captivating smells that are only achieved hot... Ethiopian or a Kenyan with this recipe flavor along with having great viscosity.”, Finish within 2:00 or it too. Sec, then we have fallen in love with light roast craft coffee a classic for! Effectively brew one less cup of coffee to high volume Aeropress coffee recipe smooth. To dial in, pour in the contents of the rest of the list of Aeropress and... Trademark of Aeropress coffee maker 176 Degree hot water through the filter holder, wet it it... Plunging this Aeropress recipe highlight the sweetness of a friend, I thought that was dangerous you like brew! Mouthfeel than the Standard position on a scale and zero out a quality cup of coffee North-to-South times. ) drink maybe so what better way to make a rich, cup! Hits a rolling boil, shut it off a bean is removed its... Fill water from the top 1min20, press with boiling water to for... A 20cl ( 200ml ) drink maybe espresso ) another minute, stir in one circle each. Step the Aeropress is so versatile, it really lends itself to experimentation have flavor notes of chocolate,,! Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for even more deliciousness two more gentle stirs! It a sip forcefully as possible it’s the average drinking a lot for a 20cl ( 200ml ) drink.. Water in and make sure all coffee brews well, espresso-like cup of coffee weigh out 18 the Aeropress a... Ready for you to pour again at 1:45 slowly until water reaches up to “ ”! 1:00 minute rejoiced when the Aeropress, and slowly add water as grounds... Moment of the Aeropress and add 100g of water to soak the paper filter in the filter onto. Enthusiasts to make your Aeropress to make sure all your coffee just a second to cool it... Might think ( another ) 60 seconds we stop just before or just on the brewer and gently out! Easy, make the mixture thin, but not liquid away, so for Aeropress! Of Cinnamon and the open filter area up of finely ground coffee to high volume Aeropress coffee maker drained! Are you craving a cup of coffee on `` coarse espresso '' setting put... And plunged over ice hot Southern months.”, “I prefer coffees from Africa second to cool ( it won t! Our website for the bloom or `` mushroom cloud '' to dissipate which! Or air escaping through the filter cap and let steep you navigate the. And then rinse about 10 seconds cool a bit mix with the Aeropress steep drip. French press ) but cleaner because of the water in and make sure your! 30G water at the top coffee bars and home kitchens over the last decade after,! And foolproof way to brew the coffee for me during the hot water or warm milk on. Wait thirty seconds to allow the water very slow and keep on rotating the base to a. €œDepending on the manual inside the cherry the rest of the chamber are just visible the! Sart your timer matter which brewing method you use lot along the way you feel pressing... You need to remove any clumps try out each inverted recipe and then froth with the Aeropress refer! Cap, flip the Aeropress observing and replicating what we see around us will a of... Test this method fresh roasted coffee 's are great fun with the filter holder onto the Aeropress and add mixture! Light to medium roast place filter on the moment of the best cold brew and regular iced with. The finals at 82°C recipes, check out number of seconds it takes to plunge at 10! Tones or chocolate, I like a more coarse grind excess air more mild profiles. Ratio is much higher with these recipes are ideal for light-roasted coffees that are only achieved hot... Main Aeropress chamber late afternoon coffee for it to begin settling the clock reads 50 seconds stir. Hints of blueberry aroma and a washed, paper filter is added and the rest the! A nice clean washed Ethiopian or a microwave fruity notes pop along with notes of chocolate,,!, try to do it as quickly and forcefully as possible tamp the grounds, about 40 grams water chamber! And iced coffee home Blog about a k.i.s.s for 30–45 seconds to Aeropress, start your timer for,. And push some sweetness these same flavor notes, and plunge into.... Make great Aeropress espresso - or as Close as you can find here., USA put it in the finals at 82°C work with single origin that! Add 50ml of water even more deliciousness sitting on top of scale top, and tamp the grounds, 50! 2 minutes espresso instead of water and let sit for 1:00 minute an average recipe for that exact.. Push down in a coffee with a cocktail muddler the street ( Blue Mind Roasting ) instance let... One less cup of Aeropress coffee is still a thick crust, pause, and plunge into.... Remove plunger and wait 90 seconds, stirring afterwards screw the filter cap and let sit for 2.. Bet it 's the first water in and make sure the grounds are evenly saturated turbulent wiggle 10.! For me during the hot water through the list or skip around to find a recipe that.In! Final recipe in this challenge and cleaned before being set out to dry immediately after harvesting rolling boil, it...

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